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Saw your site linked by a number of well-known nail art folks. Very pleased to let you know that my recent order was received in handy time, and all products were in good shape. Prices can't be beat! Thanks so much!Cheryl P.

I recently ordered from Dollar Nail Art for the first time. My items arrived in perfect condition, and the foils are SO PRETTY! Thank you so much. And thank you for the face mask. What a thoughtful and generous gift in these challeng ing time s. I absolutely will not hesitate to order from you again!  Cynthia G

Wanted to let you know that my recent order came through in perfect shape. Thank you! Sharon H.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for such fabulous products and service! Carol W.

Hello.  I just received my first order. It was order and I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for shipping so quickly and also for the beautiful face mask. That was totally unexpected and much appreciated.  Thank you again and I can't wait for my second order!  Darline G.

I would like to thank your company for my order. It arrives quite quickly (for international shipping to Russia), in
good condition, very carefully packed. The glue works okay, it turned to be so easy to use the foil! Special thanks for detailed foil transfer instructions inclosed. As a top coat I used the most cheap transparent nail polish and when it dry, the foil became again smooth and shiny.

Just wanted to thank you for my order... Now I am a bit sad I didn't order more but I will be soon!  Thank you thank you!! Nickie J.

Just wanted to thank you for my order... Now I am a bit sad I didn't order more but I will be soon!  Thank you thank you!! Nickie J.

HI there,  Just received my first order from you and I am absolutely delighted.  I had to tell you how impressed I was with the speed of delivery and the quality of the product.  I live in the UK and wasn't expecting them to be delivered until around Christmas whereas it only took a week.  It is quite difficult to get this product in this country at a reasonable price so I will definitely be purchasing more from you in the future. Thank you again for such a great product I am a very happy customer   Happy Holidays   D.

FLAWLESS FAST and yes FRIENDLY!!!!            MICHAEL G.  CA

I just want to say thank you for a wonderfully packaged and delivered order.  It arrived all safe and secure. I'm now having fun with the fabulous nail art products and I'm planning my next order.  Kind Regards,  Narelle P. Australia

I received my order yesterday - Super fast shipping and excellent stuff!  My daughter loved her gift!  Thank you so much for your great products.  I hope to order more sometime soon!  have a great day!  Nancy I

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