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Nail art can be fun as well as profitable, but it is not always easy.
We have put together some tips gathered over the years.  We hope this will help you in all aspects of
your business!  If you have a tip or technique you would like to share, please send it to us.
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When using glitter powder crease a stiff sheet of paper and put it under your clients nail. You
can sprinkle the glitter generously and then be able to pour the excess back into your container.
To keep your striping from peeling or lifting, try cutting it just short of the free edge of the nail
with your nippers. Then press the cut edge gently into the wet polish.
I give all my new clients a small bottle of top coat, a toothbrush, nail glue, nail file and a some
kind of cuticle cream or ointment, with written instructions. I tell them to put on a coat of top
coat every other day.  To use the toothbrush daily to scrub around and under their nails every
day, I suggest they do this in the shower. To rub in the cream or ointment around their cuticles
at night just before they go to bed.  This helps to keep their hands and new nails looking nice. It
also helps to remind them that they have a new set of nails and have to be careful.
Helpful Hint submitted by: Michelle S. of Florida
You can use Foil Adhesive to get your glitters, beads and rhinestones to stick to your nails. And
then add topcoat.  You can also use your Eye Shadow Pigments on your nails. Put on Foil
Adhesive. When it has dried clear dust on your pigment. You can use different colors to make it
look like a gradient. (When you put on your topcoat the pigment can crackle. Just wait and it
will settle back down.)
Helpful Hint submitted by: Ida O Sweden
Ice chips.
Apply the Transfer Foil Adhesive in the area you would like the Ice Chips, allow it to dry.
Dump a small amount of the Ice Chips onto a sheet of paper. With a toothpick dipped in clear
the chips from lifting, roll one of your Dollar Nail Art vials across the nail to press them down.
Apply a thin layer of top coat, if more chips are desired repeat the steps. When you are happy
with the result apply three thin layers of top coat, allowing each layer to dry. Press/roll the
chips each time. Make sure that no chips are overlapping the skin or cuticles, or hanging slightly
off the tip of your nail, before your second layer of top coat dries you can lightly and delicately
adjust them with the tip of you toothpick if needed.
Hope this helps everyone, I LOVE THIS LOOK...!
Helpful Hint submitted by: Candy S. of PA
When I do nail art, sometimes I only want foil to be in certain places or just for highlighting, so I
use an inexpensive paintbrush that I cut thinly to apply my foil glue.

If you are having problems getting a particular foil to stick. On some of the Transfer Foils, there
is a tan backing. Wipe the back of the foils with a cotton pad and acetone, it will make the  foil
stick better!
Cindy C. of Ohio
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