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Q: Why is there a $10.00 minimum product purchase electronic order?

A: The credit card companies as well as Paypal charge us for each order processed. A charge we do not pass on to our customers. The $10.00 allows us to better serve our customers and keep our prices low. If you wish to place an order for less than $10.00 in merchandise plus shipping you can call 954-564-6303 for assistance.



Q: Do you ship to ?????

  A: We ship to over 200 countries. For a complete listing click on the Shipping Info button to the left. You will find alphabetical lists    of all the countries we currently ship to. If the country you are looking for is not on our list please let us know.


Q: What are the shipping charges?

  A: Shipping charges are calculated by dollar amount. Complete charts are available when you click on the Shipping Info button to the left. The shipping charges listed are via the US Postal Service.


Q: Can my order be shipped by a different carrier?

A: Yes. You can specifically request that your order be shipped via UPS or Federal Express. We will calculate the shipping and send you that information via email for your review.


Q: Do you have a printed catalog for mailing?

A:  No. Our entire catalog is online here at Our goal is to give you the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We do this by using simple packaging and making sure that all of our products are clearly displayed on our site.


Q: Why did my order arrive in a used box?

A: We at Dollar Nail Art being concerned about the environment, reuse-recycle as much material as possible.



Q: Can I mix the flat mylar shapes and the glitter into nail polish.

A:  While the glitter and mylar shapes work extremely well when placed into wet topcoat directly on the nail. It is not recommend that these products be immersed into polish.


Q: Why do I need to provide both billing and shipping addresses when I am paying by credit card.

A:  To protect our customers' private information, all orders are processed through an automated system.  If the billing information does not match the information on file with your credit card company and/or bank, the system will reject the order.  While your funds may be on hold, they will not be transferred.  Orders which have been rejected by the automatic system will not be shipped without corrected billing information.



Q: Why were my freight charges not refunded along with my purchase price on my returned

A: When we ship your package to the exact address you provided and it is returned to us because you moved and left no forwarding address, or the addressee is unknown, or a notice was left but the package was not picked up, your shipping charges will not be refunded as we shipped the package in good faith to the address provided and are therefore not responsible for shipping. Under these conditions in most cases only your purchase price will be refunded.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Adhesive and Transfer Foils?

A: The Adhesive has a shelf life of 1 year. The Transfer Foils also have a shelf life of 1 year although if kept at controlled temperatures they can last much longer. We do not guarantee them past 1 year.

Dollar Nail Art is always interested in helping you get the most from your nail art. If you have any questions or concerns please Contact Us.  We are also always interested in your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to share with us on Facebook.

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